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Introducing Our Latest Hemp Designs 

Our Hemp Designs come to you with the utmost of Women’s Fashion in mind. The Hemp Clothing for Women that we produce is not only elegant and practical, but worn both proudly and comfortably by our customers.

The specific blend of Hemp Fabrics that we incorporate into our products allow us to deliver quality, extremely wearable, and fashionable Hemp Clothes as well as Hemp Accessories. Hemp Elegance refines the use of hemp fiber when we blend with organic cotton, flax and silk.

Today you can purchase our latest ‘Green Clothing’ Hemp Designs with complete confidence that you are acquiring the best in Hemp Dresses, Hemp Shirts, Hemp Hats, Hemp Handbags, and more…  We have many other fashionable Hemp Clothing options on the horizon so bookmark our page or subscribe to our feed and be sure to check back often.

Organic Hemp Clothing

Feel the Comfort ~ Feel the Harmony ~ Feel the Elegance

Can You Get Cool Hemp Purses? 

When you think of Hemp Purses, if you are like most people, you think of coarse burlap or plain carrier bags.

But, Hemp Purses have come a long way in the past few years because of the evolution in the refining techniques of hemp fabrics.  Now you can find elegant, sturdy, colorful, even luxurious Hemp Handbags as desirable as any purse or handbag made from man made textiles.

For most women, their purse is their signature piece. It is the one item that they own that they have with them every single day. A purse reflects a woman’s personality, what her lifestyle is like, and the way she sees herself. Hemp purses also make a statement and that statement is that you care about the environment, you don’t want it polluted with chemicals, and that you also don’t want an animal dying for your purse.

Actually, Hemp Fashion as a whole is based on the belief that we don’t need to clothe ourselves in toxic man-made unsustainable fibers that pollute our oceans and our land. We can use fibers from a plant that are easy to grow without chemicals, uses little water, hence not using up our natural resources and further damaging the earth. Hemp, also referred to as ‘industrial or agricultural’ hemp, is in many ways the ideal fiber crop.  Today, more companies are choosing to make Organic Hemp Clothing part of their clothing line.

High fashion purses made from Hemp Fabrics are only one of the many items that you can find in stores all over the country. Whether you are shopping in a big-city department store or just shopping online, you will find a variety of purses made from this perfect fiber.

Why Choose Hemp Clothes? 

Do you think you have to be on the fringe, a beatnik or hipster to wear Hemp Clothes? Not at all! In fact, celebrities and everyday folk, even grand parents are adding hemp fashions to their wardrobe because it makes a huge difference to the environment.

We all love “the look, the feel of cotton”, but did you know that most of the world’s pesticides and insecticides are used in the growing of cotton fields? Though cotton looks and feels good, it’s vast production is unfortunately damaging our earth.

Hemp Clothes, on the other hand, do good things for our earth. First of all, hemp is grown naturally and produces the highest yield per acre than any other fiber crop.  It grows well without chemicals, helps replenish the soil so the land it grows on will be safer and healthier for everyone.

Wearing Hemp Fashion carries a purpose that goes so beyond the ‘green’ trend.  Hemp clothes are versatile, appropriate for any activity being so comfortable, look great, wear well then  perfectly biodegradable in the end of  many years of service. People have been wearing hemp patterns for yoga and other demanding physical activities for years because the fibers are porous allowing you to perspire, and it’s antimicrobial nature reduces odor problems.

Hemp washes up well and hemp clothes mostly get stronger yet softer when laundered.  Because of it’s porous fiber hemp absorbs dyes so well and is extremely colorfast.

In many ways, Hemp Fabrics create a perfect balance for our clothing needs.

Hemp clothing is environmentally-friendly, colorful, comfortable, affordable and looks great no matter how many times you wash them.  It’s inspiring how many hemp clothing and accessory items we can find in our local boutiques or major department stores now. From pants, t-shirts, eveningwear, formalwear such as wedding dresses and suits, underwear, fine dining linens, equestrian wear and even shoes, hemp is a great fabric to use.

Why Choose Hemp Designs for Your Closet 

We all have our reasons for choosing the clothing we wear.  Some of us like to look good but be comfortable.  Some of us spent more time expressing ourselves and personalities through our clothing choices to look and be as attractive as we can be.  Hemp Designs are now fulfilling all the clothing and accessory needs of both men and women, teens and babies!  Hemp Clothing worn as an expression of how we love the planet earth is ultimately a beautiful vision and becoming more real every day. Yes, we can look ‘Hemp Elegance Great’ while making this world a better place.

People think of cotton as the original natural fiber, the one that you should choose if you are being environmentally-friendly and want to stay cool and comfortable. In reality, though, nothing could be further from the truth. Cotton is not an easy crop to grow. It requires a lot of water that could be going to better use. It also requires a lot of chemicals to scare away all the bugs. The damage that growing cotton does to our earth is untold.

Hemp Designs are made from natural, organic hemp fiber that is everything that cotton is not. It doesn’t require a lot of water or chemicals to grow, it grows in abundance, and it is as comfortable and cool as cotton. In most cases, you can’t even tell the difference – but the earth can!

Whether you are looking for a cool, casual or sexy top to work out in, want a great looking handbag, or a pair of organic shoes, you can find hemp designs for most all pieces of clothing, both formal and casual. The good news is also that you no longer have to go to organic stores to buy clothes made from hemp. Some of the largest stores around carry organic hemp clothing by many brand name manufacturers who also understand the value of using the best fiber for our environment.

Why Choose Women’s Hemp Clothing? 

Until recently, if you went to any mainstream store you would not find Women’s Hemp Clothing. Industrial hemp, or what we refer to as just hemp, has been stigmatized by a misperception that ‘hemp’ is somehow marijuana.  Although they are related, hemp does not contain any significant THC (the active ‘hallucinogenic’ ingredient in marijuana).

This misperception has created federal legal delays in supplying hemp resources, caused a great loss to us and the planet through many years of not being able to fully benefit from this life enhancing, eco empowering, economic boosting plant resource.

Fortunately as people become educated regarding industrial hemp, simply HEMP, more and more people are turning to Organic Hemp Clothing these days…and for all the right reasons.  Currently though, we still have to import all of our hemp fabrics from overseas because of the still existing legal entanglements/confusions within our federal government regarding this wonder plant…hemp.

Growing and producing resources made from hemp has a  ‘carbon footprint’ (environmental impact) that is negligible compared to any other natural resource, in fact in growing this plant we understand how it could potentially create that bridge for survival and prosperity on this planet.  More yield per acre, several crops per year, hemp proliferates better and faster than other fiber crop given it’s healthy immune system, which also accounts for it pest resistant, drought tolerant nature.  Cotton, on the other hand has a carbon footprint that is harmful to the environment, especially if it is not grown organically. For all these reasons, Womens Hemp Clothing should be your number one choice for all your clothing needs.

Women’s hemp clothing has always been the style in certain segments of the population. Those who like to wear comfortable clothing, natural fibers, and loose fitting garments have been choosing hemp for years. Luckily, more clothing manufacturers are choosing hemp to create a wide range of Hemp Designs – from shoes to purses, pants to shirts.


Women’s Hemp Clothing is comfortable as well. And, the more you wash it, the better it gets. Unlike other fibers that break down under severe conditions, hemp is a strong fiber and only becomes softer after each wash. So, instead of watching your favorite cotton shirt start to deteriorate, your favorite hemp shirt will just keep getting better and better.

Because hemp fiber wicks away sweat to let it evaporate, is anti-microbial, you feel cleaner and healthier during your yoga practice or workout.  So, when wearing hemp clothing, you can be always looking your best while feeling comfortable and knowing how environmentally benign your clothing investment is with hemp.

What Is Organic Hemp Clothing? 

Being environmentally friendly, eco conscious, or attuned to nature use to be something only a few of us followed through with.  Now, we are all trying to do are part to save energy, protect the planet by recycling, and honoring our bodies by eating healthier.

Another way you can make a huge difference on this planet is by opting for Organic Hemp Clothing instead of commercial cotton, synthetics (polyester) clothing that many are so use to.  Wearing hemp clothing will always leave you feeling good about yourself, inside and out, because you are making that important difference.

It’s a full circle experience to make these choices about Organic Hemp Clothing to live sustainably… not only is  psychologically wholesome,  but environmentally sound.

Hemp Fashion is becoming more and more vogue because of how good it is for the environment, and also more high end designers and well known figures are choosing to use hemp as their fabric of choice.  Hemp Patterns are sprouting up all over the place so online shopping is to our benefit as consumers.  Where you could only buy Hemp Clothing in hard to find places, it has become widely available throughout our nations boutiques and galleries, and of course the ‘all mighty’ internet.  Shop with us at Hemp Elegance and become part of the solution movement.